Parenting- You Will Survive This! 

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Parenting at its best is hard work. As a parent of two teenagers, I get it. I get "mom guilt". I used to jest that my goal was for my kids not to need therapy because of me. Truth be told, we have all been in therapy, and now I do it for a living!

I have been certified in Practical Parent Education since 2007 and founded Thornton Training Group (a parent education consulting business) in 2009. I also have extensive training and experience, and a professional certification with executive function disorders and how they can wreak havoc on your home in your relationships with your children, the ill-effects on your marriage, and the strain among siblings.

If any of these resonate with you, call or email me. We will sit back and figure it out together.

  • Have a toddler who won't sleep and thinks HIS bed is YOUR bed?
  • Is your child having a hard time transitioning to middle or high school?
  • Does your child think she runs the planet and "sassy juice" just doesn't cut it?
  • Defiant, willful, strong-willed, spirited, independent child?
  • Social or friendship issues?
  • Homework hassles?
  • Sibling rivalry?
  • Is your child depressed?
  • Is his ADHD wearing your family out?
  • Is he "fine" at school, and melts down at home?
  • Will she do "anything" to be friends with the "right" kids/self-esteem problems?
  • Is your child being bullied?
  • Did a teenager take over your sweet angel's body?
  • Need help kicking your older teen out of the nest? Seen Failure to Launch?