Shannon Thornton, M.A., LPC, ADHD-CCSP

                             Certified Clincal Services Provider by the Institute of ADHD Professionals

Life Skills for Middle School and High School :

Check out Life Skills Academy for classes over the summer and during the school year. This is what they will cover, along with many other important things.

  • Critical thinking, so they can evaluate new information
  • Emotional intelligence so they can understand themselves and others, and make wise choices in life.
  • ​​ Developed with input from a psychiatrist.
  • Options after high school - college, trade school, military, work, entrepreneurship
  • Career discussion. Students may not be prepared to make a career choice at this point in their lives, but we intend to get them thinking about some of their options.
  • Leadership
  • Communication and Etiquette
  • Time Management and Organization
  • Methods of dealing with stress
  • Romance - How to choose a compatible life partner; how to maintain a relationship; how to avoid abusive relationships
  • Personal finance and financial literacy - how to budget, use credit, use insurance etc
  • Media literacy, so they can make objective decisions about advertisements etc.
  • Household maintenance - clean, iron, maintain a house and household appliances, use the computer, maintain a car etc
  • Healthy Lifestyles - Cooking healthy meals (we prepare a meal in class), benefits of exercise
  • How to look up information when it is needed (Internet, Library)
  • Rights of US citizens under the Constitution; how the government works
  • First aid, so they understand how to attend to minor injuries

Many of these subjects have no right or wrong answer; we will be introducing ideas and will be discussing them with the students, getting them to at least start thinking about them as a first step to coming to their own conclusions.


iGotThis Failsafe reminders, tokens and rewards, and parent alerts in the Family version.

LISTASTIC Lists items as active, later or completed. Color coded. Shareable.

LIFE Positive reinforcement with sticker charts.

FINISH Select a due date for short term and long term projects. Sends you reminders.

2DO Simple reminders, checklists, with embedded audio tones.

30/30 Set sequential countdown time to walk you through tasks you set up each morning.

TEUX DEUX Task manager, view of 5 days, syncs with computer.

EPIC WIN Digital organizer and role-playing video game.

EVERNOTE No paper clutter.

MIN TO GO Timer with alarms and notifications.

PRIORITY MATRIX Categorizes tasks into 4 quadrants depending on their criticalness and immediacy.


Check out Fusion Academy. Fusion Summer Programs, like all classes at Fusion, are taught one-on-one, allowing customized instruction and scheduling is flexible.  

Addiction is very common in people with ADHD. Read about it here and learn about this important resource.  

Sleep Issues

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Is It an Executive Function Deficit?

Is It a Behavioral Issue?

Is It a Processing Disorder?

Contact Dr. Shannon E. Taylor to discuss the benefits of a full, neuropsychological assessment.

My Faves About ADD and ADHD:

Driven to Distraction by Hallowell and Ratey

The Explosive Child by Ross W. Green, Ph.D.

Smart but Scattered by Dawson and Guare

Smart but Stuck: Emotions in Teens and Adults with ADHD by Brown

The Survival Guide for Kids with ADHD by Taylor

Other Awesome Psychology Help:

ADHD and Medication- A guide for parents


My Faves About Parenting:

Parenting with Love and Logic by Cline

Try and Make Me! by Cline

The Five Love Languages of Children by Chapman and Campbell

Bonding with Your Teen Through Boundaries by Hunt

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours by Leman

The New Strong Willed Child by Dobson

Different Children, Different Needs by Boyd

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Faber

Siblings Without Rivalry by Faber

Tips on Keeping Your Cool:

The last thing you want to hear when you're angry is "Calm down, honey, it's not that big of a deal." So why would your child like it any better? Instead of placating their feelings or yelling right back at them, try this.

A. Acknowledge feelings. All we want to do in life is be heard and feel validated. Just be a mirror and reflect their feelings back to them. "Wow, it sounds like you had an really rough day!" or "Man, you are really angry?" or "I totally get why you are so mad about that."

C. Communicate limits. It's okay to be mad, but it's not okay to mean. We all have different limits and rules in our homes, so remind your child of yours. "But telling me how much you hate me/knocking over your sister's blocks/destroying your room is never okay."

T. Target a choice. It is important that our kids know they hold the key to their future. There are consequences (good and bad) to every choice they make. So, offer them some choices you can live with, then walk away. "You can take it out on your pillow or go scream in your room. When you are ready to talk about what happened, I am ready to listen."

Then did you see that last part? WALK AWAY!

From Practical Parent Education

From your homebased mom:

I am not your friend, I am your parent.

I will stalk you, FLIP OUT on you, lecture you, and drive you insane.

I will be your worst nightmare.

I will hunt you down when needed because I LOVE YOU.

When you understand that, I will know you're a responsible adult.

You will NEVER find someone who loves, prays, cares, WORRIES about you more than ME.

This is my promise to you.