Managing Change

Posted on June 18, 2020 at 6:45 PM

If anyone ever told you they loved change, they're fooling themselves, and you.  No one loves change, especially when it's not their plan to begin with.

Change is good though, right? Think about it: a new job, a husband or wife, a new friend, a new house, a new semester, becoming empty nesters, finally retiring, or a new school.  However, did you know all of these changes rank in the top ten of most stressful things?  Life changes, even good ones, aren't easy and stress us out.  If the change isn't YOUR idea, it can REALLY throw you for a loop.  There is good news though, and you're in control of how you seek it.

We are creatures of habit.  We like to drive the same way to work, sit in the same pew in church, and hang out with the same people.  Sameness and routine calm our central nervous systems and that is awesome.  Things don't stay the same though, do they?  Kids grow up, jobs change, friends leave, and life goes on.  But how?

1. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of the where you were.

Go through the pictures, pine over the sweet memories, share them with someone important to you.  Seal those memories in a part of your heart that you can access anytime you want to, but seal it pretty tight so it's not too easy to unwrap.  Memories are wonderful until we live in the past.  When we do that, it can lead to depression.

2. Onward and upward.

Consider these questions and focus on your answers:

a. What will I enjoy about the change?

b. How will the change help me grow?

c. How will I benefit from the change?

d. What can I learn from the change?

3. Feed the good wolf.

There are two wolves inside our heads, always fighting.  One is happy and looks to the positive.  One is in a foul mood and always finds the worst in situations and people.  The one who wins the fight is the wolf who is fed.  Are you feeding positive thoughts or negative thoughts? Which wolf wins in your head about this change?

Nicole Willias said it best.  She said,

"Every morning, we get a chance to be different.  A chance to change.  A chance to be better.  Your past is your past.  Leave it there.  Get on with the future part."

So get out there, and get on with it.  Onward you go!

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