What is ADHD exactly?

What does an executive function deficit look like?

Helpful Books about ADHD

Driven to Distraction by Hallowell and Ratey

The Explosive Child by Ross W. Green, Ph.D.

Smart but Scattered by Dawson and Guare

Smart but Stuck: Emotions in Teens and Adults with ADHD by Brown

The Survival Guide for Kids with ADHD by Taylor

ADHD and Medication- A guide for parents

Alternative Treatment for Anxiety

Science behind CBD oil

Sleep Issues

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Shannon speaks about the trials of raising a child with ADHD and provides hope for parents in this podcast.

Great Apps for ADHD

BRILLI Finish tasks in the time you alotted, and win rewards

KEEP Google Keep is like online sticky notes.  Create them, and cross off your to-do lists.

iGotThis Failsafe reminders, tokens and rewards, and parent alerts in the Family version.

LISTASTIC Lists items as active, later or completed. Color coded. Shareable.

LIFE Positive reinforcement with sticker charts.

FINISH Select a due date for short term and long term projects. Sends you reminders.

2DO Simple reminders, checklists, with embedded audio tones.

30/30 Set sequential countdown time to walk you through tasks you set up each morning.

TEUX DEUX Task manager, view of 5 days, syncs with computer.

EPIC WIN Digital organizer and role-playing video game.

EVERNOTE No paper clutter.

MIN TO GO Timer with alarms and notifications.

PRIORITY MATRIX Categorizes tasks into 4 quadrants depending on their criticalness and immediacy.

Cool Websites for ADHD 

Shannon is a Certified Clinical Services Provider through the 

​ADHD Certification Institute.

You Are What You Think!

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