Shannon Thornton, M.A., LPC, ADHD-CCSP

                             Certified Clincal Services Provider by the Institute of ADHD Professionals

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Many of us today struggle within the boundaries of our own mind. Shannon is focused on helping her clients become the best version of themselves. Whether you're battling anxiety, depression, or need a place to talk, Chrysalis BTC is designed to help you work through it.  

Shannon is a Licensed Professional Counselor, is a Certified ADHD Clinical Services Practitioner, and is a Certified Practical Parent Educator.  

Additionally, Shannon is certified to coach you through an eye-opening, life-changing program called Managing Your Crazy Self ® This ground-breaking method combines brain science, your personality, and your experiences and teaches you that even though your brain is wired to screw you up, you can choose NOT to be! You won't believe how amazing this is for individuals, couples, and families.

Click here to listen to a podcast, Parenting Pathway, where Shannon discusses Hope for Raising a Child with ADHD.

Executive Function, ADHD...What Is It?

It's 9:00p.m. on Sunday night, and you hear a shriek from the other room, "I have a huge test tomorrow and I left my stuff at school! Or, "I can't find the assignment!" Or, "What homework?" Sound familiar?

Executive function is essentially the secretary of the brain. It controls making sure things get done from the beginning stages of the job to the final finish line. When children have problems with executive functioning, any task that requires planning, organization, memory, time management and flexible thinking becomes a hurdle.

Oftentimes, if the deficit is too pronounced, a diagnosis of ADHD may be given. This is where Shannon can help. She can assess executive functioning and determine where deficits lie. Then, she can educate you on how to parent your child and help them be successful. Parenting a child with ADHD looks extraordinarily different than the way one would parent a child who does not have these struggles. The information she will share will make your life significantly easier.

The more you know about the way your child's brain is uniquely wired, the better you’ll be able to help him or her build his/her executive skills and manage the difficulties. Shannon uses empirically researched models to teach you and your child how to be successful! 

What is particularly unique about Shannon's approach is that she will come to you. If your student attends a school in the Frisco Independent School District and the school agrees, Shannon will gladly hold sessions at your child's school and get down in the trenches with them. She identifies what is working and what is not working, and facilitates change by teaching them study skills specifically for people struggling with executive function deficits. She shows them unconventional methods to organize paperwork so they no longer lose or forget assignments. She even shows them Apps to make their lives more manageable and reduce the stress created from all the chaos. 

Parenting Issues

from Crib to College

Do you love your child? Of course you do! We all want the best for our children but often it is difficult to decide what is too much, and what is not enough. As parents, we can become overwhelmed with finding a balance between work and dealing with a still growing and maturing child and their needs. Quite frankly, being a parent can be mentally draining and frustrating. Shannon has helped many parents eliminate parental conflict by getting to the heart of the matter.

Perhaps you and your spouse have differing backgrounds, so you need help creating a united front. Maybe you have a strong-willed-child who makes you question if you're doing the right thing. Having trouble creating routines they'll follow? Can't get your child to stop back-talking? Perhaps you have an older child who has morphed from your precious angel into a "terrible teen"! Have a graduate who would rather live at home than get a job and go to college? These are real problems!

Shannon has experience as a trained and certified parent educator. She is a public speaker, has worked for the Plano Independent School District helping parents, and sees countless families in her office all looking for the same thing: peace and harmony.

Give Shannon a call. She is a parent herself so knows your struggles, and as a trained clinician, can help you change your household around to one you actually want to come home to.


Let's face it, we all deal with stress at one point or another. Managed appropriately, stress can motivate us to greatness. Ignored, stuffed, or inappropriately managed, it can turn into anxiety. Anxiety, left unchecked, can result in panic attacks and can debilitate even the best of us. Bottom line: anxiety can make us physically ill and get in the way of our day to day life.

Are you feeling anxious about school, parenting, business, or a relationship? Do you lie in bed at night, unable to turn your brain off due to worrying? Do you think about the same thing(s) over and over and become increasingly agitated? When you wake in the morning, does your jaw hurt from clenching it too hard? Maybe you're just downright stressed out and need to get away from it all. Life can feel overwhelming.

Want to know the best news though? It doesn't have to be that way! Shannon has easy to follow steps, exercises, and techniques that release the stress from your body and your mind. If you feel claustrophobic in your own body, overwhelmed, or feel like ripping your hair out, Chrysalis BTC can help you be free again. You will learn how to recognize your thought patterns and how they contribute to your anxiety, then re-frame those thoughts and release the tension. Just remember this: You Don't Have to Believe Everything You Think! 

Read more about the phenomenal Managing Your Crazy Self program. You will turn your turbulence into triumph!


One of the worst things to ever have to deal with, or watch someone fight, is depression. Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, but it doesn't have to have power over you or steal your joy. We all deal with depression in our daily lives, so you are not alone! Through counseling with Shannon, clients will realize the better things in life, what they have to live for, and how to live a happy life. Shannon firmly believes that we may not be happy in all the circumstances life throws at us, but we can be joyful in spite of those things. If you're looking to get hold of your depression, and start living the life you were intended to, call her today! In Managing Your Crazy Self, you will learn that it's not actually YOU that is having the negative thoughts. It is actually your limbic system's distorted perception that is making you feel so out of sorts. YOU ARE NOT YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!

Thanks for visiting! A note from Shannon...

I hope you can find everything you need here. Perhaps being a parent is not at all what you bargained for? Are the symptoms of ADHD making school or family life unmanageable? Feel guilty because you "should" be happy but something is just wrong? Need a coach to help you get your life on track? I get it! Let me help you.    

Not only can we meet one on one to work through individual struggles, but I can speak to your school or small group to facilitate workshops to help those in your life with the same issues. Trust me, you are NOT alone. 

Connect with me today. Because nothing changes, if nothing changes.


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